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Arianna "Kala" Brame is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, poet and MC based in Brooklyn, NY.  Trained in classical and jazz piano at Westminster Conservatory and Sarah Lawrence College, Kala is also a student of percussion, West African and Afro Latin drumming.  Kala and The Lost Tribe, has performed on stages in the NYC metropolitan area at venues including Baby's Alright, The Silent Barn, Don Pedro's, The Bowery Electric, National Sawdust and had the esteemed honor of playing Blue Note's Late Night Groove Series. 


The Lost Tribe is the host of ancestors and spirit allies that walk with and guide us –artistically and practically- in day-to-day life. The Lost Tribe is an acknowledgement, invocation, and celebration of ancestral presence and support. In numerous cosmologies from around the world, it is believed that these pantheons of deities are our ancestors, once living members of our communities. With this awareness, we – living ancestors of future generations- are also members of The Lost Tribe. May we remember the shoulders we stand on, the responsibility we have as individuals in a community, and the cycle we will fulfill in the future when it is our turn and privilege to give back to those who have inherited our legacy.

The Art of Balance EP is the premier release from Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist, emcee and producer, Arianna “Kala” Brame. Carrying the torch of the live hip-hop legacy of The Roots, Kala’s musicianship and lyricism - and perhaps even mysticism - land on equal footing.  Kala reflects on balancing grief, self-affirmation and the challenges of recklessly pursuing one’s dream while encouraging listeners to do the same. Introspective and vulnerable, The Art of Balance EP is a timeless offering that is both personal and culturally affirming.
"The Art of Balance is a brave and authentic introduction to an artist that I look forward to hearing more from. Kala's poetic eclecticism, her fearless and raw expression is inspirational."

                                                                            - Tamar-kali

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